This square is located in the district of Grao, at the end of Avenida del Puerto. This neighborhood was an independent municipality, from 1826 to 1897, which bore the name of Vila Nova del Grao.

The background is the church of Santa Maria del Mar, a medieval foundation, although the actual dates from the seventeenth century. In 1802 it was renovated in Classicist style. During the Civil War, due to its proximity to the port, its air defense tower served.

This church is all that remains of the former Augustinian monastery founded outside the walls of the Muslim wall in 1281. With the extension of the wall in the fourteenth century the convent was within the walls of this time seems to be the current nave of the church. The new bell tower dates from 1912.

Javier Goerlich, from 1940, returns to the initial gothic church baroque and classicist removing the overlying decoration, building the cover that faces the street Guillem de Castro and finishing off the belfry. This important convent (got to have two cloisters) are remains in the Museum of Fine Arts.

In this street is the building that was Hospital of Poor Priests, whose aim was to assist the needy priests of the city. The building is set around an arcaded cloister with ceramic panels. The year of its foundation seems that 1356 was.

In one of its rooms San Luis Beltran died in 1581.

In 2003, after a renovation, she regained its residential function, now serving senior center.

In the back of the Palace of the Generalitat is a garden since 1860. Previously, since the fourteenth century, here was the House of the City (municipal government) that was demolished in the mid-nineteenth century.

In the photo the sculpture of San Luis Beltran appears.

Before putting the two current statues, the bridge had about casalicios with sculptures of the Moors in Alzira, converted to Christianity and then martyred, San Bernardo (Ahmet); and his sisters Grace (Zaida) and Mary (Zoraida). With the War of Independence, and later the Carlista, the statues were destroyed.

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