From this square starts the street of Quart (intramural). To the left of this street begins the leisure area of the Carmen neighborhood.

The aqueduct that carried the water to the center of the Roman city ran along Calle de Quart (within the walls).

This room, long called "the palm room", has four tall and thin columns. It is accessed through a pointed portal flanked by two pointed windows that overlook the cloister. It has 12 meters on each side and the light from the outside enters it through five elongated windows. The complex is surrounded by a stone bench that was rebuilt in the 1950s.

In it the old religious community met to make decisions or acts of special relevance such as the making of habits.

In the tomb attached to the wall lie the remains of the II and III lords of Bétera (Ramón Boil, father and son). The first (Ramón Boil Dies) was called "The Old Governor".

In 1596 it was agreed to install a casilicio with several saints, which was destroyed by lightning in 1709. It was rebuilt and in its place was placed only an image of the Virgin of the Forsaken in 1721, the work of Francisco Vergara el Mayor. In 1677 another casilicio with the image of San Pascual Bailón had already been placed. The flood of 1776 damaged the two casilicios and it was necessary to repair the image of San Pascual Bailón and build another new image of the Virgin of the Helpless.

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