This bridge was built in the late sixteenth century, replacing another he had made with wood and brittle materials. Casalicios has two, one with the statue of San Vicente Martir and one with San Vicente Ferrer. The bridge was rebuilt and expanded in width in 1968. In this reform lost a side staircase down to the river.

In this square are three of the most important historical buildings in Valencia: the Cathedral of Santa Maria, the Basilica of the Virgin of the Helpless and the Palace of the Generalitat.

The square was once called Plaza de la Seu and occupies the space that occupied the old Roman forum in the city of Valentia.

This long street is actually a piece of the famous Roman Via Augusta. By 1850 the street was extended from 10 m. width to 14 m. They disappeared medieval buildings and filled with nineteenth-century buildings, which have reached us in this stretch from Queen Square to City Hall.

In 1882 a store tissue located in this street called Casa Conejos, was the first to have electric lighting throughout Valencia. In 1886 electric lighting was already installed throughout the city, but for the streets were still using gas lamps.

The northern front overlooks the courtyard and is the thirteenth century Romanesque style. In the keystone of the arch we can see the shield of the Order, which was a simple white cross on a red background. This door later built a pointed arch with an oculus in which the Maltese cross appears, as this military and hospital order was actually named St. John of Jerusalem, Rhodes and Malta.

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