Since 1987, this botanical garden has been recovered as a research and teaching center at the University of Valencia. It is directly attached to the Rectorate.

Currently, work is being done on the preservation of the historic garden and its continuity as a center for the study, search, development and dissemination of botany. The Botanical Garden of Valencia has a library, herbarium and a germplasm bank (seeds and spores).

The name of the street dates from 1873, because the Provincial Museum of Painting was located here at that time, whose works have been found since 1942 in the Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia (San Pío V).

For a time the School of Fine Arts was also here.

This square is dedicated to the Count of Barcelona and King of Aragon, Valencia, Mallorca, Sicily, Sardinia and, for a time (1442-1458), of as well of Naples .

The Plaza de Alfonso el Magnánimo was formed when the French Marshal Suchet ordered, in 1812, the demolition of some houses for tactical war reasons, in the Valencia occupied by the French. He had militarily occupied Customs and feared an attack from the adjoining houses.

The sculpture of Jaime I was placed in this square in 1891.

On the left, in front of the column with the statue of Francisco Pizarro and next to the Baylia palace, is the Marqués de la Scala palace. The Marquis de la Scala (name assumed by the marriage with the Italian Altadona de la Scala) were also Lords of Manises and from there the square takes its name. This palace dates from the 16th century and contains Gothic and Renaissance elements.

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