These baths were used until the twentieth century and have a lobby, a cold room, a warm room and a hot room. The fourth photo is adjacent to the cold room and utensils available for bathing and latrines.

In the hot room there is an opening that allowed boiling drinking water. The hot air produced by the boiler is distributed under the floor of the room by a low-altitude chamber. As was the very warm floor, people continuously pouring buckets of water, and that generated steam. Here they spent only a few minutes.

The Miguelete is the bell tower of the cathedral, Gothic, measures 50.85 m. to the terrace.

This type of tower passes from southern France to the Crown of Aragon. Work began in 1381 under the direction of Andreu Juliá, mestre Tortosa Cathedral. Later he works Pere Balaguer in the works. The lower body is totally solid, except for the portion of the spiral staircase. In the third part of the tower was the house manager ringing the bells until the twentieth century.

It is so called because its main bell was baptized Michaelmas (September 29) with the name of Micalet (Miguelete). The name of the bell went to the tower.

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