Although older, the current configuration of this palace responds to interventions eighteenth century. They intervened in the renovation Hipólito Rovira, Ignacio Vergara and Luis Domingo. Between 1969-1971 there was an extension of the palace in the same style, and in the years 1991-1998 restoration and consolidation were due status.

It is home to the National Museum of Ceramics and Sumptuous Arts González Martí.

In the basement of the square Tossal Gallery, official exhibition center that remains of the Islamic wall of Balensiya has: a square tower and a stretch of the wall of the XII century; and a bent door of the eleventh century.

This square of the Church of the Pious Schools, built during the years 1767-1773. Its interior is based on the Pantheon in Rome, highlighting its dome of 40 m. high. The church was declared Artistic Historical Monument in 1982. Its facade was restored during the years 1995-1999 with the Piarist College, where he studied Blasco Ibanez, and is next.

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