This square was opened in 1878 tearing down several blocks of buildings. At first it was much smaller and had a triangular shape. The square took its present aspect in the reform of 1970, when an underground car park was built.

The building is in the background on the left, next to the tower of St. Martin, is the Sánchez Casa de León (1896), which along with the old warehouses Island of Cuba (1895), located in front and not seen in the photo, they form an ideal home for street San Vicente frame. Both buildings were built by architect Lucas Garcia Cardona.

It highlights its lobby, with wooden beamed ceiling and revoltones covered with trencadís (sliced tiles). The lockers are made of wood and glass inlaid with trencadís. The walls are also covered with wood and ceramics. In Demetrio Ribes was a constant breaking down the barriers between artist and craftsman.

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