The building on the right is the Costume House, the late eighteenth century. Its architect was José García and serves as a meeting place to the judges of the Court of the Waters before attending the trials held in front, at the door of the Apostles of the Cathedral. It is also a public library.

Formerly it used for municipal authorities to dress to participate in public ceremonies, hence its name.

The first director of the Botanical in its new facility Quart street was Vicente Alfonso Lorente, in the early nineteenth century. The new garden will host campuses on a set of pictures (Linnaean system).

This home garden will be interrupted by the invasion of the French army and the War of Independence, that in this area of Valencia was very destructive. Lorente, director of the Botanical, was taken prisoner by the French and sentenced to death. He was saved by the intervention in his favor the French botanist Leon Dufour.

On the east side of the street the hospital d'En Bou (S. XIV), the Colegio San Fulgencio (S. XVI) and the convent of Santa Clara (S. XVII) was. On the west side was the hospice Montserrat (S. XVI). All these buildings disappeared after the city-planning reforms undertaken between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The towers were built by the "masters of stone" Baldomar Francesc and Pere Compte. This door began building two years earlier (1441) than the Castel Nuovo of Naples (1443), with which bears some resemblance. The two buildings were made under the reign of Alfonso the Magnanimous because he was king of Valencia and Naples.

Its walls preserve the impacts of artillery, even after the restoration of various Carlist wars like the Civil War and, especially, the War of Independence.

In the basement of the square Tossal Gallery, official exhibition center that remains of the Islamic wall of Balensiya has: a square tower and a stretch of the wall of the XII century; and a bent door of the eleventh century.

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