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Valenciano (CA)


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109g LA SEO NEIGHBORHOOD. Generalitat Palace

La Seo Neighborhood

... a session of deputies of the Generalitat of Valencia Regne was made by Juan de Sariñena. After the walls intervene in other painters led by Sariñena.  ...

Created on 15 October 2016

109f LA SEO NEIGHBORHOOD. Generalitat Palace

La Seo Neighborhood

The courtyard makes distributor of various rooms of the palace with other small stairs leading to the basement and the mezzanine. On the main floor you can see fine columns with gothic windows overlooking ...

Created on 15 October 2016

109b LA SEO NEIGHBORHOOD. Manises Square. Marqués de la Scala (16-18th century)

La Seo Neighborhood

This palace was expanded in the eighteenth century with another house on the right. Today it houses also, like Baylia, the Provincial Council of Valencia. The patio, a square, transformed the top into ...

Created on 15 October 2016

109a LA SEO NEIGHBORHOOD. Manises Square. Baylia Palace (16-19th century)

La Seo Neighborhood

The palace Baylia is the current headquarters of the Provincial Council of Valencia. The patio is what little remains of the sixteenth century, after the reform of the nineteenth century, but the staircase ...

Created on 15 October 2016

132c LA SEO NEIGHBORHOOD. Knights Street. Mercader Palace

La Seo Neighborhood

It is the only palace Knights Street has a garden at the back of the courtyard.

Created on 08 October 2016

104b LA SEO NEIGHBORHOOD. Nules Square. Català de Valeriola Palace. Courtyard

La Seo Neighborhood

Of the original gothic elements is, among others, the staircase in the courtyard.

Created on 03 October 2016

214b LA XEREA NEIGHBORHOOD. Palau Street. Admiral Palace. Courtyard

La Xerea Neighborhood

Admiral Palace courtyard.

Created on 02 October 2016

403b VELLUTERS NEIGHBORHOOD. College Art Silk Mayor (S. XV-XVIII). Court

Velluters Neighborhood

Inside, in the Hall, there is tile flooring eighteenth century. The ceiling painting by José Vergara. At the foot of the chapel is a Gothic spiral staircase, it would be one of the few elements that would ...

Created on 15 June 2016


Velluters Neighborhood

The current façade is the eighteenth century. Above the door contained a high relief of St. Jerome, the patron of the guild, the work of Ignacio Vergara. On the facade, above the door, is inscribed the ...

Created on 15 June 2016


Velluters Neighborhood

...    The guild dels Velluters (velvets) was created in the fifteenth century, in 1474, due to the importance that the silk had acquired in Valencia. In 1686 Charles II granted the title "College of ...

Created on 15 June 2016


Botanical Neighborhood

In 1786 the University of Valencia approves the Department of Botany, independent of Medicine. This eliminates the need to create a botanical garden set.  ...

Created on 20 April 2016

3 CARMEN NEIGHBORHOOD. Musician López Chavarri Square

Carmen Neighborhood

This square is dedicated to the musician and composer Valencia Lopez Chavarri, who died in 1970 at age 99.  ...

Created on 15 March 2016

1303d EXPOSURE NEIGHBORHOOD. Monforte Gardens (19th century)

Exposure Neighborhood

The garden, triangular in shape, is about 12,000 m. square and is a perfect example of romantic garden, with occasional neoclassical another touch.

Created on 07 January 2016

1300a EXPOSURE NEIGHBORHOOD. Alameda Promenade

Exposure Neighborhood

In the late seventeenth century the Alameda was already a landscaped walkway, but the subsequent War of Succession left quite destroyed.

Created on 06 January 2016


Turia Gardens

... in the end they got the assignment to Valencia property the old riverbed, was in 1976.  ...

Created on 27 December 2015


Turia Gardens

The section III is devoted to sports facilities especially. It has a running track. This section includes Campanar from the bridge to the Glorias Valencianas.  ...

Created on 27 December 2015

126a LA SEO NEIGHBORHOOD. Tapinería Market

La Seo Neighborhood

The market has six stores, located in the basement of these two places, every two weeks decor and theme are renewed. They serve as promotion for companies.

Created on 19 December 2015

402b VELLUTERS NEIGHBORHOOD. Escolapios College

Velluters Neighborhood

Escolapios College has a rectangular courtyard with a small belfry with three bells, and a clock. On the ground floor, the courtyard has arches. The whole school and convent was built between 1739 and ...

Created on 14 December 2015

302c MARKET NEIGHBORHOOD. Santos Juanes Church

Market Neighborhood

The interior is a baroque overflowing with statues of James Bertessi and vault, painted by the artist Antonio Palomino to have it ready on the day of San Juan of 1701. Luis Lopez, son of the painter ...

Created on 13 December 2015