This church was started in the seventeenth century on the site of an ancient mosque, but the present building is the work of the seventeenth century and eighteenth century bell tower. The slight inclination of the bell is a consequence of the earthquake on March 5th of 1822. In the early twentieth century, its exterior was renovated. The interior has an original seventeenth-century altarpiece.

The Palace of the Inquisition was located in this square, also bordering the street Samaniego and the Navellos.

Statues of San Vicente Martir and San Vicente Ferrer, the seventeenth century, were destroyed during the Civil War. They were replenished during the years 1945-1946. Of San Vicente Ferrer (pictured) is the work of Ignacio Pinazo Martínez.

In 1854 he moved the House of the City, from the garden of the Generalitat, to its present location in the Town Hall Square. The building that houses is the former House of Education (S. XVIII).

In 1906 some important reforms that would not end until the late 30s of the twentieth century, highlighting her new facade with its clock tower 50 m start. tall, Carlos Carbonell and Francisco Mora. Inside are marble staircase, the ballroom (called glass), the Pompeian room and fireplace room (mayor's office).

In this square, located outside the walls in times of Muslim Valencia, the community of citizens gathered on special occasions (the sar'ia). That gave name to the neighborhood located next to (the Xerea), and within the wall.

The building on the left is the Bancaja Cultural Centre. Dates from 1891 and was remodeled in 1980-1982. Of its original interior layout there is nothing left to adapt the building for cultural work. 1891 only preserves the facades.

In the foreground is a statue of San Vicente Ferrer, who is here since 1960. This is attributed to Ignacio Vergara, but not much security. The statue is located in the same square where it was placed the convent of San Vicente Ferrer and near his birthplace.

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