In one part of the garden, dominated by clipped hedges, are these two lions with one paw on a ball; reminiscent of the Congress of Deputies in Madrid, for which they were originally intended. Lions were considered too small for the Madrid building and eventually settled in Congress bronze made by Ponciano Ponzano. In 1864, Juan Bautista Romero (Marquis de San Juan) bought in Madrid and Valencia brought to his palace.

This bridge was built at the end of the 16th century, replacing another that had been made with fragile wood and materials. It has two casalicios, one with the statue of San Vicente Mártir and the other with that of San Vicente Ferrer. The bridge was rebuilt and widened in 1968. In this reform, it lost a lateral staircase that goes down to the river.

The Colegio Mayor Peset occupies what was the palace of the Martínez Vallejo family (18th century), which during the Civil War was the Swedish embassy and later the School of Teaching. In 1997 he was rehabilitated and assigned to a major college.

Inside it preserves a canvas of the Muslim wall from the 11th century.

This street is located in one of the highest points in the city. In it was the old house of the Cid, at the height of numbers 29 and 31 of the street. The Cid's house was demolished in 1855.

This house of the Cid became a theater from 1761 to 1832, the year in which the theatrical performances began in the new Principal Theater. It was the Balda theater.

The construction of this church began in the 13th century on the site of an old mosque. In the second half of the fourteenth century it was expanded. Formerly it was called the church of San Jorge. Only the Romanesque style bell tower remains from these periods, very archaic for the time (13th century), and which was restored during the years 2000-2005.

In the 15th century a new church was built, which will later be decorated in a baroque style inside (17th century), and another reform in the 19th century gives it its current appearance.

The church was the headquarters of the Cofradía de Ballesteros de Valencia.

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