The church of San Sebastian was the convent of the same name and was built in the sixteenth century, fell down and another being built in its place in the eighteenth century. The bell tower was already completed in the early twentieth century. Inside it has a tiled plinth that runs around the temple, dating from 1742.

This square was reformed in 2019.

The Botanical Garden of Valencia has its beginning in the sixteenth century, in the so-called Hort Simples (Garden of Simples), with the planting of medicinal plants by the University of Valencia. But it was already in the eighteenth century with the ideas of the Enlightenment and the support of the Royal Economic Society of Friends of the Country, when he had the decisive impulse and scientific criteria.

Already in 1733, there was talk at the University of Valencia to create a garden that would facilitate the city. But it was not until 1757 when the rector Lords directly propose the creation of a botanical garden next to the Alameda. In 1778 it approved by the city, but it will take twenty more years to make it reality.

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