Next to the Science Museum, the Umbráculo was built, a metallic framework that covers a garden area where there are more than 50 native floral species of the Valencian Community. Over time the creeping plants are expected to climb up the arches, covering them.

Next to the Umbracle there is a viewpoint, from where you can see a large part of the City of Arts and Sciences. Below the Umbracle is the parking lot.

El Hemisférico was the first building to be completed (1998). Inside it houses an IMAX cinema with capacity for 300 people. The screenings are on science and technology topics.

On the inner cupola, a movable cupola section allows the smaller or greater opening of the covered outer space. It has been compared to an eye.

The Reina Sofía Palace of the Arts replaced the Communications Tower of the initial project. The building has sculptural forms.

This building has four rooms: Main (for opera), Aula Magistral, Auditorium (the largest room) and Martín y Soler Theater. It also has a room for exhibitions.

In principle it was going to be just a City of Sciences but, when this new building was added, it was renamed the City of Arts and Sciences.

Both the Palace of the Arts and the related buildings are covered in white "trencadís" (cut tiles). Trencadís, both blue and white, is used throughout this City of Arts and Sciences. The "trencadís" had already been used in the Estación del Norte and in the Mercado de Colón.

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