This "city" was designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava Valls Valencian, but also participated the Spanish-Mexican architect Felix Candela; the latter made the Oceanographic. Work began in late 1994.

The City of Arts and Sciences sits on the old Turia riverbed, now converted into garden diverted the river.

Science Museum next to the Umbráculo, a metal framework that covers a garden area where more than 50 native plant species of Valencia was built. Over time it is expected that Entangling plants climb by arches, covering them.

Beside the Umbráculo is a viewpoint from where much of the City of Arts and Sciences can be seen. Umbráculo below is the parking.

Both the main building and the related buildings are covered with "trencadís" white.

In the whole of the City of Arts and Sciences the "trencadís" is used in both blue and white. The "trencadís" is a resource that has already been used previously in the North Station and the Columbus Market.

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