The market has more than 8,000 m. squares and a grandiose metal structure supported by slender cast iron pillars.

The building, with an irregular floor plan, is articulated with a wider street, which joins the main entrances of the Plaza del Mercado and Avenida del Oeste, and a perpendicular axis to it that connects secondary accesses.

The walls of the market are covered by abundant ceramics from the La Ceramo factory in Benicalap.

The fishmonger's dome has a swordfish-shaped weathervane (in the image), while the larger dome has a parrot-shaped weathervane.

The construction of the Lonja de Valencia responds to the commercial and maritime boom of the city during the 15th century. The works began in 1483 by Pere Compte and Joan Ibarra; and they end in 1548, when the Consulate of the Sea is finished.

La Lonja de Valencia is one of the best examples of civil Gothic in the Crown of Aragon. To the right of the tower is the Contracting Room, while to its left is the Consulate of the Sea, a work already Renaissance.

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