In 1916 a roof, in principle provisional, was built over the stalls. This cover made it difficult to see the square.

During the years 2008-2010 its interior front was restored. In 2012, the new stalls were placed in the center of the square and a new roof was placed lower than the one there was, with metal plates that do not reduce its vision so much, making it more diaphanous.

The Plaza Redonda has had different names: El Clot (the hole), New, Circular, de la Regencia, del Cid and Redonda. In the 2012 reform, a metallic circular ring was placed around the fountain, with the different names that the square had had.

This square was formerly called Les Panses (raisins).

Here the event of poor Palleter took place, so named because he sold straw articles (palla in Valencian). On May 23, 1808, the Palleter declared war on Napoleon here, nothing more being known about him.

Next to the church of the Company was the old Professed House, residence of Jesuit fathers, which was left empty with the expulsion of these in 1767. It was later used for several uses, one of them was as the Archive of the Kingdom, from 1810 to 1963.

The building on the right was the headquarters of the Círculo de Bellas Artes, located in a 15th century Gothic palace that belonged to José Ruiz de Lihory, Barón de Alcahalí.

The Círculo de Bellas Artes was founded in 1894 and artists such as Joaquín Agrasot (one of its promoters), Ignacio Pinazo, Joaquín Sorolla, Francisco Lozano, Genaro Lahuerta, etc. have belonged to it. Its headquarters were in various places. In 2003 he moved to this palace on Cadirers Street, where he stayed until 2016.

The Colegio Mayor Peset occupies what was the palace of the Martínez Vallejo family (18th century), which during the Civil War was the Swedish embassy and later the School of Teaching. In 1997 he was rehabilitated and assigned to a major college.

Inside it preserves a canvas of the Muslim wall from the 11th century.

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