In this small square, at number 7, some strange noise phenomena occurred in 1915 that stopped a little later. Although the authorities that investigated them gave as reasons natural causes due to the instability of some partition, they even spoke of the "duende" of the square of Esparto.

In one corner is the Café de Sant Jaume, in the place that was formerly occupied by a pharmacy.

This square was formed in the second half of the 19th century when some buildings were demolished. It is called del Tossal ( hill), because it is slightly elevated on the ground. The difference with the Market Square is 2.30 m.

In the basement of the square there is the Tossal Gallery, an official exhibition center that preserves the remains of the Islamic wall of Balensiya: a square tower and a painting of the wall from the 12th century. Also an 11th century angled door.

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