The construction of this church began in the thirteenth century on the site of an ancient mosque. In the second half of the fourteenth century it was extended. Formerly church of St. George was called. In these times is only the Romanesque bell tower, very archaic for the time (S. XIII), and was restored during the years 2000-2005.

In the fifteenth century a new church, which will be later decorated in baroque style inside (S. XVII), and further reform in the nineteenth century gives it its current appearance is built.

The church hosted the Brotherhood of Ballesteros de Valencia.

The building opposite the fifteenth century, got its present appearance with the works in the nineteenth century. It belonged to the Dukes of Villahermosa in the eighteenth century, but half of the nineteenth century was bought by the Marquis del Campo. After it was acquired by the counts of Berbedel, in the early twentieth century. From 1814 to 1842 it was seat of the Captaincy General. Finally it is acquired by the city of Valencia in 1974.

The City Museum exposes the municipal art collections and a collection of weights and measures. It also conducts temporary exhibitions.

Palau street of the Romanesque facade of the cathedral. This cover late Romanesque relates to the Home Fillols (Home of Ahijados) Old Cathedral of Lleida.

The original bell tower of the cathedral was near this door, once past the Arch Street Barchilla.

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