Final approval of the River Turia as green area and public park, occurs in 1979. It had been four years since Franco died and one year since the adoption of a democratic constitution.

The Garden of Turia was conceived in XVIII distinct sections. There are still some to be built.

The section I is the bridge between October 9 and the waterwheel of Rovella.

Following approval of the project of diverting the River Turia, delirium of the Franco administration made him think, for the old channel; destine industrial zone, train stations and highways.

The section III is devoted to sports facilities especially. It has a running track. This section includes Campanar from the bridge to the Glorias Valencianas.

Contraplanificación proposals, manifestos of professional associations and the commission procauce El llit és nostre i el volem verd (The channel is ours and we want green); also popular mobilizations in the end they got the assignment to Valencia property the old riverbed, was in 1976.

These sections IV and V are a forested urban park that brings together the main species of trees and shrubs of Valencia. There are also sports facilities, highlighting a rugby field.

The section VI of the Garden of Turia runs from the bridge of San Jose to the Trinity and has an area of 129,320 m. squares.

In section VI the vegetation zone is combined with sport; having five soccer fields, a baseball field and a skating rink.

The section XII of the Garden of Turia extends from the Trinity Bridge to Bridge Real. In it was a municipal nursery garden became in the years 2002-2003.

The section VIII of the Garden of Turia occupies from the bridge to the Royal Exhibition and 75,600 m. squares were designed, initially, as a popular planting (tree festival).

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